Que o novo ano seja cheio de paz e alegria para todo o mundo!

May the new year be full of peace and joy to the whole world!


2 comentários sobre “Feliz 2010

  1. Hi Tom,
    This is judybusy from Alison Behcdel’s blog. Thanks so much for offering to help! I’ve already enjoyed spending time on your site. I love the clean look of it!

    If you know of any blogs about gardening in Brasil, I’d be very interested in learning about that. Also, I am very interested in politics/social issues, so if you know of well-informed people writing about that, send it my way! Lastly, I love cooking, and one of my favorite sites is http://www.smittenkitchen.com Great pitures, simple layout, and of course, good recipes make it a great site. So, if there is anything like that with a Brazilian spin, I’d love to see it.

    I’ve been to Brazil three times, the last in August 2008. I listen to a lot of Brazilian music–but don’t have a way to keep up with new stuff. We had a woman who taught Portuguese in community education using music, which made it great fun! Sadly for us, she returned to Sao Paulo, but per her Facebook posts, she’s happy to be back.

    Tom, thanks again; I always enjoy your comments on AB’s blog. How did you hear about her and Fun Home? (I plan on translating your review, by the way!)


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